The Top 5 Ways COVID has affected Relationships

WOW! Well lets just say it’s been a busy year. Last January, I don’t think we could have predicted how the following 12 months would be for us all, and taking time to reflect on our experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic is an important part of processing things. One of the main things that hasContinue reading “The Top 5 Ways COVID has affected Relationships”

Is a post Lockdown “Relationship Reckoning” coming?

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about how many couples are struggling in their relationships during lockdown. As I mentioned in my last blog, we aren’t meant to exist like this; it’s a highly unusual situation for us to be so isolated, with only our partner and children for company. And ultimately this putsContinue reading “Is a post Lockdown “Relationship Reckoning” coming?”

Love in Lockdown- how to have difficult conversations with your partner

So here we are, nearly 2 months into lockdown. Somehow things feel a little easier, as we have got used to the strict rules and regulations around our lives, but also we are struggling more than ever with being apart from our friends, families, workplaces, social lives, hobbies and distractions. The truth is, we areContinue reading “Love in Lockdown- how to have difficult conversations with your partner”

Giving your partner some space – surviving lockdown with your relationship intact

Lockdown isn’t easy for anyone. And it can quickly take its toll even on healthy relationships. Elinor uses her 30 mins of exercise to discuss one way of how to look after your relationship when your usual couple activities and ways of coping are reduced.

Do we have to be grateful, all the time?

On my 30 minutes allocated activity time today, I walked my dog on one of the beautiful routes that exist in this part of Hampshire. The sun was shining, there were flowers and colour everywhere, even the dog was behaving for once! And I felt so grateful. So grateful that I get to live inContinue reading “Do we have to be grateful, all the time?”

When Two becomes Three: Your Relationship After Baby

I was recently asked to be a Guest Editor for the Night Feed App ( and write an article for them about maintaining and improving your relationship after your first baby arrives. If you don’t have the Night Feed App already, they provide a funny, insightful, informative way of surviving being awake at all strangeContinue reading “When Two becomes Three: Your Relationship After Baby”

Looking for sunshine through all the storm clouds: how to tackle Confirmation Bias in your relationship

Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis, and apparently now Storm Jorge. It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining recently round here. It’s easy to feel like Spring sunshine is never going to arrive, and that our roads will be waterlogged and we’ll be sporting our raincoats forever. It’s the same in our relationships. When things feel bad,Continue reading “Looking for sunshine through all the storm clouds: how to tackle Confirmation Bias in your relationship”

Is it ever too late for relationship counselling?

Many couples wonder whether they have left it ‘too late’ before seeking help from a professional. Is it possible to get past the point of ‘no return’? Is there any way back? How do you know when is the best time to seek counselling? Here are a few pointers to consider if you’re wondering ifContinue reading “Is it ever too late for relationship counselling?”

Proud to be Part of Overton Business Association!

Offering a local counselling service, for local clients has always been a big part of my motivation to start Hampshire Relationship Counselling. I started this by offering counselling sessions in the heart of Overton village at Wessex Business Services (, and from February 2020 I’ll be offering my relationship therapy and couple counselling servicesContinue reading “Proud to be Part of Overton Business Association!”

New year, new who? 5 things to try when your relationship has got the January Blues.

Happy New Year! Or was it? There is a big spike in couples seeking relationship therapy after the festive period is finished. The combination of financial pressures, visiting inlaws, being trapped indoors and eating and drinking too much can lead to a significant amount of stress. And when stress mounts, we are mostly likely toContinue reading “New year, new who? 5 things to try when your relationship has got the January Blues.”